Make. Break. Learn.

Red Ninja Labs

Labs is a mindset, a physical space, an events series, and a growing research and development programme.

Labs Mindset

Our Labs Mindset

  • Question


  • Play


  • Collaboration not

  • Learn From Failure

  • Disruption



  • People



Make. Break. Learn


Our studio houses a physical lab space where we play with IoT software and hardware, Big Data and Open Data to make and break things. This practical and repeatable process helps us to explore possibilities, fail fast and learn through the process.

Events and Hackdays

Design led technology
Labs Events

Our Labs events series includes Social Innovation Labs, Hack Days and Meetups.

Our Housing Leaders Lab explored how we can use technology to invest in communities. EnviroHack2015, our two-day data jam in partnership with NERC and the Digital Catapult, explored possibilities and created new things from linked environmental data. Our meetups have covered Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, health applications and deep learning.

Our Labs research and development programme puts open innovation principles into practice. We collaborate to explore how technology can disrupt silos and solve big, complex problems.

Our programme includes software and hardware solutions for digital health, retail, intelligent mobility, e-learning and Smart Cities.

Research and Development