Design led technology


We are a design-led technology company, making products that people love. We involve users in design, from the first scribble of an idea, through to the product launch party.

We listen, we think, and then we do. We’re not afraid to crash silos, disrupt systems that no longer serve and challenge stale ways of working. We’re bold, we’re brave and we take risks. Our best ideas get made in this way.

We believe in the power of design and technology to change lives. We’ve helped people who are older to love online shopping. Young people to manage their mental health – instead of their mental health managing them. Big companies to use less energy and save more money. Leaders to make cities Smarter. Our sensor technology helps people to live independently in their own homes for longer.

We bring a brilliant team. Experts in Big Data, app development, electrical engineering, biomedical science, sensor technology, Internet of Things, Smart Cities and machine learning. Experts in design, co-creation and user experience – put those people together, and magic happens.

In the beginning, there were two of us, squeezing our big ideas and ambition into a shoebox-sized studio. Today, we’re a team of fifteen – with space enough to grow.

As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded. From our origins making games and mobile apps, we now build sensor technology, and deliver leading-edge research and development on health, transport, retail, education, urban planning and the environment.

We understand that commissioners have less money to spend, and are under more pressure to get results. We know that technology is disrupting the way we do business, and that businesses must innovate to stay alive. We know that people are living longer, but not necessarily happier or more independent lives. We know that commuters battle congestion on a daily basis and that the planet is at breaking point. We know that poorly managed health conditions stop people living life to the full.

We believe that people deserve better. Our work is always about using design and collaboration to make a difference. We do more by sharing ideas and working with our open innovation network. Together, we design the future.

Together, we design the future