What we believe

We agreed these things together, taking time away from the day-to-day to find out what makes each of us tick. And what did we discover?

What we believe


We believe in the power of design and technology to change lives and empower people. We are design-led, we dream big, and we work as a team to make a difference in the world. We don’t make assumptions, instead we listen to what people want and need. We involve users in every stage of design, together we make things that are useful and beautiful. We learn as much from our co-creators as they learn from us.


We are an international family, bringing very different cultures and backgrounds. The glue that binds us is a shared purpose. We share a set of beliefs about why we do what we do, and a shared approach to how we work.


We believe in integrity. We build trust, we work with passion and we do high quality work, every time. We create products that people love.


We believe in sharing, being open and social. We love what we do, and we love working with people who also want to make a difference. We do more by sharing ideas and working with our open innovation network. We don’t hide behind technical jargon and we use clear, human language to explain things.


We believe in innovation. We are pioneers and problem solvers, the things we are doing haven’t been done before. We believe in the positive power of disruption, we raise bold questions and challenge stale ways of working. We believe that the Internet revolution brings a better way of doing things.


We believe in our people, and in the combined strength of our team. We work and learn together as a family, supporting each other and having fun along the way.