Red Ninja Studios is leading the development of LiFE, both managing the overall project and leading the research, data science and system architecture of the final product.


Red Ninja Studios is a design-led technology company specialising in human-centred innovations. Our expertise range from the Internet of Things to Smart Cities, Big Data to Sensor Technology, spanning a wide range of markets from Health to Transport, Education to Culture. We believe that real people are at the core of successful innovation.We believe that smart design and technology has the power to change livesBringing together all stakeholders of society, cutting-edge technologies, and the brightest brains in-house and through our Open Innovation network, we can create solutions with real lasting impact. We design a better future.

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Red Ninja’s expert team covers the three central aspects of LiFE: the project management, development of the complex algorithm, and the software engineering, allowing the technology to work smoothly. We have a passion for technology with a conscience, striving for positive social change. For us, the sheer positive impact of LiFE makes it such an exciting project to be leading.  The best way to communicate Red Ninja’s vision for the LiFE project is through the lens of our experts, who are working tirelessly to bring this idea to realisation.

Raggy Jha – Chief Product Officer. Manages the Red Ninja team and partners. He ensures that the LiFE project meets all deliverables on time and to budget, alongside the commercialisation of the final product. Raggy’s background is in computer science, finance and business management, having previously managed successful digital projects in London.

  • How have you found managing a project as complex as LiFE?Managing this project is like managing small country – all stakeholders and partners have a diverse area of responsibilities which come together to create the LiFE project. The feeling of belonging to something as profound as LiFE is priceless. Knowing that this project has the potential to save lives inspires my work on a day-to-day basis.”
  • Do you think the LiFE project has impacted your life in some way? “For me, the project was the turning point from being involved in just the digital sector to seeing the digital sector work in tandem with other sectors to positively impact people’s lives. Each working day is special, each communication is important, and any piece of information is crucial for successful delivery.”.

Abdi Noor – Data Scientist. Analyses data to improve the algorithm behind the traffic light control. His background is quite impressive, with years of PhD research in Particle Physics, working with silicon sensor technology on the LHCb collaboration at CERN. Abdi also taught Physics and Maths, helping adults without a traditional academic background enter university and become future Einsteins.



  • What inspires you in the project?The social challenge the LiFE project aims to overcome inspried me to take part in this project. For me, this is such a worthwhile thing to do,  giving me the chance to help society. Previously when I worked as a researcher we were helping our future society, for example, by making technologies wise. When I worked with students it was all about fulfilling their ambitions and dreams. With LiFe it’s the same thing, we will be able to help people now and in the future. If you can get an ambulance to someone quicker it could be the difference between life and death”.
  • Do you think the LiFE project has changed your life in some way? “It is funny actually, in day-to-day life traffic lights are just there, and you don’t need to think about them beyond ‘it’s green, I should go’. But now I think – if I press this button what impact is this going to have on the traffic light system?”. 



Sam Ryecroft – Technical Advisor. Manages our technical team for LiFE. Sam is PhD researcher in Engineering, with professional expertise in Software Engineering. This cross-field expertise enables Sam to cover a wide range of LiFE’s technical aspects.


  • How will LiFE aid ambulances ?One of the biggest problems faced by ambulances is the unpredictable behaviour of drivers when they meet an ambulance. People react in different ways. Some drivers panic, some try to get out of the way if there is space, if there is no space they try to maintain speed. This slowing down of drivers slows down the ambulance as well, putting people’s lives at risk. By creating a clear path for ambulances we can overcome this slowing of traffic. LiFE is definitely an important project with its benefits having a really widespread impact. I am excited to be part of it. I love the idea of a project when everyone can be involved to do something good”.
  • What has been the most difficult part of the project for you? Of course it isn’t only about the exciting and inspiring moments. We have had to overcome different obstacles, like obtaining data. As it’s confidential, it cannot be freely shared, so it’s taken a while to get to the stage we can use data to boost the project to the level we are at now”.