Laura Pye, a Writer-Researcher at the Future Cities Catapult, blogs about the latest from the LiFE project.

The Future Cities Catapult recently completed the research phase of LiFE: a collaborative project aiming to reduce ambulance journey times.

To assess where delays exist, our research team spent three months mapping the service journey of an ambulance – from the moment an emergency call is made to a patient’s treatment.

As with much of the research carried out at the Future Cities Catapult, this exercise was based on a user-centred and design-led approach – we wanted to understand the challenges impacting ambulance journeys from those within the service. Our team interviewed call takers, dispatchers, paramedics and higher management from ambulance services and undertook urban observation in emergency vehicles and at junctions near hospitals.

By the end of the research phase, we’d identified six key insights, which would inform the next stage of the project and had produced a ‘Research Handbook’ to document and share our findings.

Learn more about how we carried out our research in the short film above.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the LiFE project or how the Future Cities Catapult conducts research, please contact the Insight team at or Laura Pye at

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